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This page last updated: 11 AM EST on Aug 13th, 2016.

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I am going to try and keep my main page factual and free of speculation. So, I am creating this page to post some of my thoughts on what has happened, is happening, or scheduled to happen. Please keep in mind that these are my interpretations of events and my thoughts. Do not buy, sell, or take any action on information based on this page.  This is simply an attempt to share my thoughts with the rest of you. Here goes:



21.5 million lump sum and that is it! Vringo was running out of money and ZTE said “we will continue to fight this as long as possible in every court in every country”. Vringo took the best deal it possibly could. ZTE is as over as Google.


I originally thought we would see a settlement, but D/A responded with a very strongly worded counterclaim and now we in ensconced in yet another legal battle against a titan. My hope is that we settle within 3 months with them. Hope to see at least a 7 – 10 million dollar payment up front for past and current infringement with at least 2 – 5 million a year in royalty fees going forward.


As of Aug 8th, the company has around 24 million in cash. Burn rate is roughly 3/4 million per month. That gives them enough money to last approx. 2.5 more years. Money should not be an issue for at least the next 18 months.

Lowes versus IGS: WE WILL SETTLE!

IMHO, we will settle with Lowes for around 100 – 150K by the end of Oct if not sooner. I know Lowes is fighting the suit right now, but the odds are stacked against them.


But how much remains to be seen. They are making some inroads with auto and furniture manufacturers, but not enough. Hopefully the new President of the company (Cliff W.) will make a difference. Also, looks like Vringo spent 4 – 5 million on the company in Oct – Dec 2105. Hope it makes a difference!

Group Mobile: Looks like a winner!

Anticipate bringing in at least 2 mil in Q2 and possibly a lot more by the end of the year. FH says 50mil+ in the long run. Hope so!

Thanks for reading and LETS MAKE SOME MONEY (or at least get some of our losses back)!



17 thoughts on “My Thoughts or IMHO

  1. Dear Joe, Thanks for all your hard work, however, the speculation and thought section does not leave room or optimism for Large Settlements or acquisitions. Who are you catering to? Seems like shorts. They must feel confident that they have months to hold the stock down


    • I will be adding to this page as I can. I am not sure about acquisitions since we have no real money to do so (unless you are talking about someone buying us out), but the company policy is set up to prevent any type of hostile takeover. I will find and post that info when I can. There is currently only two avenues for a large settlement (ZTE/GOOG). ZTE doesn’t want to settle but may be force to (we hope), and Google has all the time (and money) in the world to stretch this out. Which sucks. We need ZTE money to continue fighting GOOG to get what we deserve. Thanks for your comment and good luck!


      • I think you did misunderstood my comment. Vringo’s tangibles assets are very desirable to any company that is transitioning to mobile. I am not saying that Vringo is a takeover target; I am saying that someone could pick up the company for the warchest of patents (such as MSFT, GOOG, FB, etc). Joe, do you realize what it costs to fight a Supreme Court Case? I’m certain you do. Right now, GOOG is still going at it with Oracle. Why not use the money to get what you need for future endeavors (mobile telephone transition). Don’t be suprised if Boies cuts a deal. That’s what I am trying to convey.


      • That is an excellent point and worthy of discussion. I will do some DD on that topic and put a paragraph on the page when I can. Thanks!


    • By the way, not catering to anyone short or long. I am heavily invested in VRNG, but try to see both the pros and cons of my investment. Some of my DD favors longs and some favors shorts. That is not intentional, but just happens to be how the cards are falling. We need Aces and shorts need Deuces. Counting on the NDA being an Ace and the GVR being another. We have the potential for a winning hand, but we could also lose. Such is the life of a gambler on a spec play like this one.


  2. Greenacres – Boise is hired to fight the SCOTUS case and has taken shares as compensation – this all well known and has been since he was brought on. There is no further cost in that regard.


  3. vrng24, thanks for your efforts put together free information with your own time! Hope long will reward many folds when fog clear. Well, with all of the good news the stock price continue to erode that’s telling me more people don’t believe in Vringo anymore, but for us long, we are still have high hope that Vringo will succeed. Base on all the news out on the public domain, I believe I see the lights at the end of tunnel. GL to all long Vringo!


  4. Thank you for all the effort you are putting in to this endeavor. Keep up the good work for that light may be closer than you think.


    • You are welcome. We are all in this together trying to make a few bucks off ZTE and GOOG. Taking a lot longer than any of us really planned, but a ZTE settlement appears imminent, and a GVR from SCOTUS is a distinct possibility as well. GL2U!


  5. I have been a long time investor in VRNG and read all I can about it. You do a great job and I really appreciate it.
    I know Cliff well, he is as tight lipped as anybody I have ever met, he has always been that way. It’s my feeling that VRNG will eventually win and Cliff knows it. He would be long gone from VRNG if he thought otherwise. This post will most assuredly create a response from him because I know he follows all of the boards.
    My question is how much power does Kaplan-SDNY have In shutting down Z?
    Could he just shut them down in the USA? And how long would that take if that was the judgement against them?
    Keeping in mind that they have not been sued here.


    • Mike,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. Yes, Cliff is very tight lipped and for good reason. The last thing we need to do is lose a case somewhere because insider information got out. I try to put as much valid information in this blog as I can to help keep all of us up to date. It is not easy due to speculation about all the different events that are occurring worldwide. I do not know how much power Kaplan has, but I imagine he has enough to keep ZTE from doing business here in the US if only on a small scale. If he cant do that, then levying a large fine would probably do the trick. Probably the two biggest reasons why I believe ZTE submitted the documentation to VRNG by the 28th as directed to by Kaplan. There is also the possibility that ZTE and VRNG worked out an NDA settlement (which may have included dropping of the anti-monopoly suit in the NDRC), but not sure if Kaplan would have released that data or not (probably not). Of specific interest to me, is whether the substantive hearing in PRC took place on the 29th of May as scheduled. That would be a great sign if it were cancelled or rescheduled. Again Mike, thanks for your post and we all (longs) wish you the best of your luck with your investment.



  6. The move to the Magistrate was a good move, his action will be independent and (if he acts favorably as one would think to be obvious) add conformation to future actions Judge Kaplan will inevitably take. A gathering of the judicial troops so to speak, not that JK needs support. On another note and admittedly conspiratorial, ZTE provided “V” discovery materials IN CHINESE, unsure if on time but suspect so. Suspect that’s why JK is letting a Magistrate Judge handle “Vs” complaint on this…a way for JK to recues himself as he’s so pissed…..temporally removes himself & any future claim of bias. Reading on another board it was suggested JK urged “V” to use Google Translator to speed up the translation process, unsure if this occurred but if he did I don’t think “V” would go there as Google could monitor the translation & tamper with it giving ZTE an argument for a delaying appeal on a claim misinterpretation in the materials they provided. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, paranoid, a plan to drag this out and something to slough off as unimportant….well have we not seen things being dragged out? ZTE’s behavior in DEl SDNY. G & ZTE know “Vs” a common thorn in there sides to help each other out at this juncture would be natural & how could one prove tampering went on in the translation effort…delay,delay,delay then who wins?


  7. Well, the pps is down this morning I guess due to ZTE fire back at Vringo and judge JK. Because ZTE request for the judge to deny all of Vringo requested, the stock price drop this morning. I guess short still believe that ZTE will win over Vringo regarding NDA. But based on what judge JK put out yesterday, it is clear that Vringo will win over NDA. My opinion only. I wish I have more money to accumulate more shares while it is cheap.


  8. Joe….as always your DD is incredible. I read this every day. Thank You! I also got suspended from ST for simply posting a “chant” to get you back. Done with them. Keep up the good work! GO LIONS!!!


  9. vrng 24, You are doing a great job for all of us here, I am holding a good number of stocks(VRNG) for the past 3 years, I am just curious what made you so interested in this stock? Do you gather important infos. about other stocks also ? Once again your hard work is appreciated. Thanks.


  10. Hello vrng24. People and Picks shut down so all my blogs, picks, and comments are gone. You are doing a great job. Thanks. I am just beginning … , starting over, and setting up my own pages here.


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